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Prachuap Khiri Khan is a well-laid out town, peaceful and unhurried, making it ideal for a relaxing break. It offers tourists remarkably tasty and inexpensive seafood as well as a host of beautiful tourist spots to visit. Some of them are:


City Pillar of Prachuap Khiri Khan
Situated in the city centre of Prachuap Khiri Khan. The pillar is very beautiful; on the top is Brahma which has 4 faces. It is one of the finest and most beautiful examples of a city pillar in Thailand. Local people always come to pay respect and ritualize. Tourists do not miss.^top^
City Pillar of Prachuabkhirikhan


Mirror Mountain or Khao Chong Krajok
Mirror Mountain is a small mountain which is home to hundreds of stump-tailed monkeys. Near the peak of the hill is a natural aperture, allowing light to pass through and appearing to reflect the sky. It is this effect which gave the mountain its name. Khao Chong Krajok towers over Ao Prachuap Bay offering superb views out over all 3 bays from the prime observation areas. Excellent exercise is to be had y walking up the hundreds of steps to the mountain top, where there stands a chedi housing sacred relics of Lord Buddha. If you feel you wouldn’t be able to make it to the top, you can be photographed at the foot of Khao Chong Krajok, together with the monkeys at play, beside Ling Krajon Waterfall.^top^


Prachuab Bay
Situated in Prachuab Khiri Khan town. The beach is curve and beautiful. Its beautiful view makes it popular and extremely suitable for joggers and cyclists who wish to take some gentle exercise while enjoying the sea air. Local people always come to relax in the evening time. Tourists always com to watch the sun rise in the early morning time for the view is very fantastic^top^
Prachuab Bay


King Mongkut Memorial Park of Science and Teachnology or Wakhoe
are beside the sea in Tambon Khlong Waan Sub-Distric, about 12 kilometers about of Prachuap Khiri Khan Town Centre. This was the place King Mongkut, King Rama 4, a keen astronomer, came to observe a total solar eclipse that he had predicted, shortly before his death. Now, the area has been turned into a science centre offering a fountain of knowledge about all sciences, especially astronomy. Every year a science activity camp is held here for young people. Further details contact Tel. 032 – 661098-9.




Khao Hin Tern Natural Park
The same way to go to Darn Singkorn. There are a lot of big rocks close together with a lot of kind of shapes


Manao Bay
Situated ahead from Prachuab Bay in the Air Force 53. The beach is clean with clear water abounded with many trees. It is ideal for swimming and other beach activities and sports. Straight across the bay is Khao Lommuak Mount and at low tide a long strip of white sandy beach allows you to walk from Manao Bay to explore it. Tourists always come to relax and swim้^top^
Manao Bay


Wat Khao Tham Khan Kradai
ตั้งอยู่เชิงเขาบริเวณอ่าวน้อย ก่อนถึงตัวเมืองประจวบฯ มีทางเข้าแยกจากถนนเพชรเกษม กิโลเมตรที่ 314 เป็นระยะทาง 3 กิโลเมตร บริเวณวัดสร้างด้วยสถาปัตยกรรมทางไทยจากไม้สักล้วน คงความงดงามยิ่งนัก อีกทั้งมีความสมบูรณ์ทางธรรมชาติ และมีถ้ำซึ่งประดิษฐานพระพุทธไสยาสน์ อายุกว่า 300 ปี ^top^


Had Wanakon Beach
Located in the area of the 345 kilometer stone on the main Petchkasem Road, about 22 kilometers south of Prachuap Khiri Khan is Hat Wanakon Beach. This tranquil, sandy beach is shaded by rows of casuarinas pine trees



Huay Yang Waterfall
the waterfall is situated about 6 kilometers off the main Petchkasem Road. Between kilometer 350 and 351, you turn off of the main road, about 27 kilometers south of the town of Prachuap Khiri Khan. Spread out over an area of 161 square kilometers of Amphur Tap Sakae District and Bang Saphan, are several beautiful waterfalls, such as Bua Suwan waterfall, Khao Larn Waterfall, Hin Dart Waterfall, Kha Orn (or Thap Mon) Waterfall and Huay Yang Waterfall, a nine-tiered cascade which is the most popular with visitors. In addition, you can search for “Poo Jao Fa”, or “Prince Crabs”, which ca be found in this area of the national park.


The famous product are al follow:- Pineapple, Yam pineapple, Pineapple roasted with honey are available and have a good taste.

CoconutSugar good quality. Coconut; there are many souvenirs made of coconut bark. Honey; there are honey from the forest and feeding honey, banana roasted with honey.

Fish sauce made from real fish, good aroma and taste. Aloe Brevifolia available in modified products such as water Aloe brevifolia in can, shampoo, yam.

Sea foodDried product from the sea dried squid, dried fish, Komapast cloth, cloth weave by local people, available in Aumphur Hua Hin.




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